All Natural Traditional Kajal Recipes

The eyes are the window to our soul, beautify them with Kajal to give an exotic touch.

Kajal has been made in our country from time immemorial. Especially during DIWALI... after the LAXMI Puja.

I shall be giving here two all natural traditional recipes for making Kajal at home.

Recipe One....

An Ancient Kajal Recipe.

Take 100 ml of pure and organic rose water in a clean Glass Bowl. (In days long gone a silver bowl was used)

Add the following:
Two teaspoons of freshly ground Haldi powder.
Two Almonds ground
Two Nimbu leaves (dried and powdered).
One teaspoon Trifla powder.
A small piece of food grade Kapur.
Mix all together well.

Prepare a thick flat roll of cotton wool, like a wick, and soak it in the mixture. Let the wick dry and then twist it tightly.

Place it in silver cup, or a clean earthen diya... filled with pure Desi Ghee or Pure Mustard oil. Invert another diya over the wick. Balance it with something so that it rests about an inch above the flame, which will burn as you light the wick.

Remove the diya as the soot collects and scrape the accumulated soot into a container, then place it back over the flame. Collect the soot two or three times.
Keep adding more ghee or oil to the silver or earthen diya till wick is burnt up or you collect as much soot as you want.

After that put the soot in a silver box or bowl--- Add ghee----- till it is like thick dough. The Kajal is ready.

Stored in a silver container the Kajal takes on the cooling qualities of Silver.

The above recipe Kajal will sooth, cleanse and protect the eyes....

Recipe Two....

Take a clean earthen diya.
Fill it with Mustard Oil and add a little pure Camphor to the Oil.
Make a thick cotton wick. Soak it in the oil for a few hours then light the diya.
Invert a larger bowl over the diya.... balancing it an inch above the flame.

Collect as much soot as you need.

Remove the soot into a small container (preferably Silver) and make a paste with a little Almond oil and Castor oil.
The Kajal is ready

Apply to the eyes with your finger tip.

SAO - Sacred Anointing Oils

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