Ancient India And Cosmetics

Ancient India And Cosmetics

The earliest records date back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Excavations at Mohen Jo Daro and Harappa have revealed a highly developed culture and proves that both Men and Women of Ancient India took special care to beautify themselves.

 Different "Lepas" (Applications) were recommended for different seasons for Body Beautification.

The Ingredients used during the cold season were quite different from those used during the warm season.

 The "Ashtanga Hridaya" (fifteen hundred year old book of Ayurveda) offers six different formulations to be used for the six seasons of the year.

 Special Ingredients were used in hair-washes to address hair-growth, prevention of hair fall as well as premature greying of hair. Hair dyes, fragrant hair rinses and fumigants to perfume the hair were also used.

Fragrant bath powders were used to clean the body and would leave the body with everlasting fragrance. Some of the bath powders had an excellent cooling effect during summer.

All the products at SAO - Sacred Anointing Oils are based on these ancient recipes, and we combine these ancient products for beauty with today’s sophistication.


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