Commercial vs Natural

Large Companies have the technical know-how and can buy fresh natural ingredients for their cosmetics.

However, their problem lies in their success. They have to make several thousand jars of creams and other products for each of their customers.

When 200,000 products are made it takes time to make and package. Then time goes by as they are shipped to various stores across the country.

At the stores again they are kept till a TV ad or media campaign takes place.... before they are made available to you.

So the products go through many tests and are made sterile so no mould grows on them and all contain extra preservatives.

At SAO - All our Products are Hand-Made fresh using 100% natural ingredients without any preservatives or chemicals..... And are Custom-Made for the customer.

We use the best that nature has to offer:
Cold Pressed Oils
Sterilized Herbal Powders
The Best And Pure Essential Oils 
Fresh Herbs & Flowers

You place an order and then at SAO the product is created for you.

Cosmetics you buy at a shop are made for millions of customers....

At SAO they are made to suit your needs and are exclusively meant ONLY for YOU.


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