Essential Oils and Aging Skin

Cellular regeneration is the key to a youthful skin, and essential oils provide a way of doing this. The nutrients and proteins in essential oils help to maintain the bounciness of collagen, upon which the outer layers of the skin rests.

Essential oils encourage the regeneration of new cells.

The stimulating properties of essential oils oxygenate the blood which in turn energizes the cells, allowing regeneration to take place.

Some essential oils do this particularly well, others have hormonal like properties and these encourage the firming of the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

The accumulated anxieties of a busy life contribute to a general downward movement as we age. Many difficulties arise from bringing up children, maintaining good relationships and following a career.

Anxieties, however, inhibit the action of the lymphatic system. If we can eradicate anxieties and adopt a positive attitude, the lymphatic system starts to work better and accumulated toxins are cleared through the proper elimination systems of the body. Spots and blemishes disappear, the body uplifts and you find yourself saying "I feel better now".

Because you feel better about yourself, both emotionally and physically, you look and feel younger because you are better able to relax and cope with life.

Essential oils can be a great help in your personal revitalization program.

They can help you to deal with stress, tiredness, anxiety and skin problems like red blotches on the chest, spots on the back, and skin that looks saggy or has flaky patches. Essential oils are marvelous for keeping the mind young and alert, they are stimulating, 
up-lifting, go-getting and an anti-depressant. 

They are Mother Nature's gift to us.

At SÃO we have essential oils in pure cold pressed almond oil for all the problems women and men face in today's world.

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