Herbs used in Hair Oils made at SAO

HAIR OILS at SAO are not made with extracts....they are made the traditional way by soaking and cooking the actual herbs.
It takes time and labour for the final product to be ready.... but it is worth it..
As the benefits are the success stories of our esteemed clients.

Some of the Herbs used in our Hair Oils are:

BHRINGRAJ--- Maka----- Eclipta Alba.
Useful in hair care, darkens hair, avoids premature greying, help's in hair growth,
Induces sleep.
Maka grows everywhere in the rainy season, plentiful, in rice fields, it is indigenous to India and grows as a common weed. Maka stimulates the hair follicle and pigment cells of the hair. It helps in hair growth and helps in inducing a good sleep....a head massage with Bhrinraj hair oil is very healthy.

BRAHMI--- Centella Asiatica---- Indian Pennywort-----Gotu Kola---- Bacopa Monnpieri.
The leaves of this marshy creeper are useful in hair care. It has been used in hair care for centuries.
The juice of the leaves of BRAHMI stimulate the cells near the roots of hair and helps in increasing blood circulation. Therefore, BRAHMI helps in hair growth. It nourishes the brain and helps increase the grasping and retaining power of one's memory.

JASWAND----Hibiscus---- Rosa Sinensis.
Flowers of Jaswand are being used in hair care for generations.
Jaswand is useful in hair growth and improves the colour of hair. It has a cooling effect and hence this is useful for inducing good sleep. It keeps the hair soft, disciplined, healthy, and manageable. It is also useful in recurrent dandruff and scalp irritation. Jaswand stimulates the hair roots, promotes the growth of hair, gives thickness to hair, adds lustre, helps improve Tridosha. Jaswand helps in removing heat from the scalp and prevents greying of hair.

HENNA----- Mehendi----- Lawsonia Alba.
Leaves of this scrub are used as a hair dye and for the care of the hair.
It is cooling...it is a hair conditioner and prevents dandruff..... it brings lustre to hair. Helps to limit damage due to chemicals and reduces the harmful effects caused by chemicals. Mehendi is useful in inducing hair growth. It is anti-inflammatory and soothing.

METHI----- Fenugreek---- Trigonella Foenum Graecum.
Methi has excellent medicinal virtues.
They are the best cleansers within the body.... highly mucus- solvent and soothing agents. Methi helps in hair growth....it is a good conditioner for the hair... preserving the natural colour and keeping the hair silky.

JATAMANSI---- Nardostachys Jatamansi---- Indian Spikenard.
Jatamansi has been used for hair-care in India for over 3,000 years.
The plant occurs on Alpine Himalayas especially at higher altitudes of 3,000 and 4,500 metres from My main to Sikkim and Bhutan. Jatamansi is a well-known hair tonic and is one of the important ingredient in hair OILS and hair washes, especially for hair growth.

AMLA---- Emblica Officinalis---- Indian Gooseberry.
Amla is a wonder fruit and one of the precious gifts of Nature to man.
One of the properties of Amla is ' KESHYA'. It helps in hair growth...in conditioning the hair and as a hair dye. Amla protects the acid mantle of the scalp. Rich in vitamin C, it helps in healing and removing dandruff.

SHIKAKAI----- Acacia Concinna.
It is very commonly used in hair wash.
It contains saponin which cleanses hair. It is a cleanser and heals dandruff. SHIKAKAI helps in hair growth and keeps hair healthy.

RITHA----- Sappindus Trifoliatus.
It gives hair cleanliness.... shine and softness.
It improves the health of hair and gives them strength. It stimulates the hair roots....

KACHUR SUGANDHI----- Kaemferia Galanga.
Kachur Sugandhi is used in hair wash and hair oils.
It stimulates the glands at the base of the hair and increases blood supply to the scalp. It is anti-fungal and helps in hair growth.... Reduces dandruff. It is a cleanser and gives lustre and glow to the hair.


OILS used in the preparation are Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil... Cold Pressed Castor Oil.... Camphor Oil... Motia Rosha Oil... Cold Pressed Sesame Oil.

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