SKIN-CARE - the Natural Way

Our ancestors had the know-how of using medicinal herbs to enhance beauty. In close proximity with nature, they had beautifully co-related 'health and Beauty'.
Medicinal herbs were used for skin care through Ubtan, Massage, Bath, Cosmetics, and for skin disorders.

Skin is a protective covering of the body. It is said that the skin is the mirror of health. Reflection of good health means healthy skin.

Two layers of skin are visible under the microscope. The outermost layer-- called epidermis and inner one -- dermis. Epidermis is formed by many cells, and the dead cells are often removed and replaced by new cells in this layer .
In this way, there is rejuvenation of skin. Dermis which may be called the real skin, consists of blood vessels, supporting cells, sebaceous glands,& sweat glands. Skin becomes soft and shiny due to secretion of sebaceous glands. But when the secretions from these glands are in excess the skin becomes oily and pimples & acne appear. Sweat glands excrete sweat to maintain the body temperature and to expel toxins. The mixture of both secretions forms the protective thin covering on the skin called the acid mantle.

For natural skin a balance is required of both secretions. If sebaceous glands are stimulated more then skin becomes oily, and if sweat glands are stimulated more then skin becomes rough. Excessive use of soap destroys this covering.

The skin has to face the environment, germs, heat, cold etc.
When we say skin, the first thing that comes to mind is ' FACE '.
FACE forms a personality of an individual to a large extent. It is important for us to maintain the health of our face and enhance the beauty of our skin.

Just a little care while washing our face by...
Using a Face Polish to clean our face.
Using a Herbal Face Wash as a Soap Substitute.
Using a face pack once a week.
Applying Face Oils with Essential Oils....
Will go a long way in keeping the skin on our face healthy and enhancing it's natural beauty .

At SAO...we have some very good Polishes for face and body.
Packs for all types of skin and for all problems that the skin can develop.
Oils with essential oils to nourish your skin and rejuvenate and restore the skin to its natural beauty.
At SAO care has been taken to use pure sterilized Herbal powders and Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil.
The BEST that the Organic Natural World has to offer.

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