Summer Time Refreshing Drink

Summer Time Refreshing Drink.

The recipe is for a special Summer Time Drink which the entire family will enjoy.

1/2 Cup Shelled Melon Seeds.
1/2 Cup Shelled Pumpkin Seeds.
2 Tablespoon White Poppy Seeds.
1 Tablespoon Anise Seed.
1 Handful of Dried Rose Petals.
1/2 Cup Milk.
7 Black Peppercorns.
Raw Sugar or Honey. 

Preparation Method:

Soak All Seeds except the Peppercorns overnight.
Grind the Seeds and the Rose Petals into a Paste in a Blender using sufficient water as required.

Strain the Paste through a Cheese or Mulmul Cloth.
Add Milk to the Strained Liquid.
Add enough Water to bring the Mixture to the Consistency of Whole Milk.
Then Add Sugar or Honey to Taste.
Cool it before Drinking.



A few Drops of Rose Water can also be added for enhanced flavour.

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